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Fistful Of LOD

Open Data offers a huge amount of knowledge freely available. Using local data information and Open Data will be a major challenge this decade. In this perspective we developped this tool in order to answer these questions:

  • - What could be my website content added-value if I take advantage of available open data ?
  • - How could I demonstrate my superiors / students the profit of the semantic web ?

to take full advantage of open data, it is necessary to annotate and bind the most of your local data with open ones. Mondeca's CA Manager helps to optimize the content annotation workflow.
Fistful Of LOD is an HTML content enhancer. From text in an existing web page, it executes a SPARQL query on any endpoint and then reinjects value in the HTML page.Demo

Screen shots

Main features

  • HTML content augmentation
  • Use public SPARQL endpoint
  • Imagine your future content


Fistful Of LOD has been designed by Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche