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LOD Browser

Linked Open Data (LOD) is information published on the Web using a semantic formalism. The goal of LOD initiative is to create a Web of Data that is complimentary to the current Web of Content (i.e., the traditional Web pages). Although there is a growing number of data sets published as LOD, the ways to search or navigate through these data are still quite limited. Here we provide a demo that illustrates an effective approach to navigate through LOD taking advantage of its formal semantic structure.

The demo allows to use PivotViewer technology to navigate through a subset of data exported from DBpedia. PivotViewer is an innovative and free Graphical User Interface component from Microsoft. DBpedia is the formalized (or semantic) version of Wikipedia and is a cornerstone Linked Open Data set.

The demo clearly illustrates that the quality of navigation experience strongly depends on the completeness and consistency of content annotation. Mondeca's CA Manager helps to optimize the content annotation workflow.

Screen shots

Main features

  • Free, well-designed faceted navigation component that is easy to customize and integrate.
  • Powerful visual zoom thanks to the Deep Zoom format.
  • Sub-sorting: sort along one axis then sub-sort along another axis, etc. This configurable feature provides an innovative conceptual zoom capability.

Data limitations

  • Wikipedia is not an exhaustive source of information, so most of the French communes are not in the demo data set. Moreover, DBpedia data are somewhat outdated relative to the information found in Wikipedia.
  • The properties are not always consistent and are occasionally missing. E.g., some communes are missing a region or a thumbnail image and the thumbnails are of mixed type.


LOD Browser demo has been developed by Alexander Polonsky