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SPARQL Endpoints Status

This tool monitors SPARQL endpoints availability, worldwide. SPARQL Endpoints Status leverages CKAN open data, which exposes a list of all information available, on any dataset with an endpoint. From this list, this tool tests server accessibility and SPARQL protocol compliance every hour. Results are presented on the SPARQL Endpoints Status web page along with the endpoint average availability over the last 24 hours and for the last 7 days.

This application offers added-value services:

  • - the possibility, from the SPARQL Endpoint Status web page to subscribe to SPARQL endpoint availability feeds;
  • - to access availability reports and diagrams for every endpoint in the list;
  • - to access and query the SPARQL Endpoint containing all data produced in the reports and diagrams.

Key availability metrics for public endpoints are regularly published on the SPARQL Endpoint Status website.

Screen shots

Main features

  • Free, availability information of all public SPARQL Endpoints.
  • Detailed reports and diagrams for each endpoint.
  • Open access to availability status data.


The SPARQL Endpoints Status tool has been developed by Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche