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Terminology Browser

In several domains such has (but not restricted to) health-care, culture and education, tourism, it exist practically as many different terminologies as there are fields of application. Hence, and given the growing need for cooperation between domain's actors, a new "interoperable" terminology server is now required featuring a shared semantic frame of reference to enable the various terminologies interact effectively.

Mondeca address this problem by offering an operational multi-terminology server integrating homogeneously divers terminologies.

This browser demonstrates in the health field, how you could publish your data coming from such a server. Behind this demo, three terminologies have been integrated in a unified view: ICD10, SNOMED 3.5 and CISP2. The navigation is based on a RDF triplestore and SPARQL queries. Demo

Screen shots

Main features

  • Generic user-friendly terminology navigation
  • RDF Browser
  • Full text search
  • Detailed view on concepts


The terminology Browser has been designed by Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche