mondeca lab
Mondeca Labs is our sandbox : we try things out to illustrate the potential of semantic web technologies and get feedback from the semantic web community. Let us know what you think.

Linked Open Vocabularies

Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) for the linked data Web, featuring Vocabulary of a Friend (VOAF)

SPARQL Endpoints Status

See in one page public endpoints availability status.

LOD Browser

Navigate Linked Open Data about French communes using PivotViewer.


SKOS Reader

View or print SKOS terminology terms in ISO 2788/5964 thesaurus format: alphabetic, hierarchical, or permuted views.

Temporal Knowledge Acquisition

Capture and semantically annotate temporal information. Display and edit results in text mode or in a calendar.

Temporal Search Engine

Search and browse in temporal information.


Terminology Browser

Hierarchical and contextual terminology exploration.

Inference Engine

User interface - knowledge base rules validity control.